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Pomegranate Non-Acetone Polish Remover

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Our Pomegranate soy-based nail polish remover is Toxic-Free + Acetone-free + Paraben-free + Cruelty-free + Vegan

Helps moisturize and invigorate your nails and cuticles. This does not contain Acetone and will not damage your skin or cuticles.

+ Pomegranate essential oil
+ Vitamin E
+ Aloe

No Synthetic Fragrance.
No Parabens.
No Phthalates.
No Sulfates.


Soak a cotton pad fully and hold on top of nail for 10–20 seconds to help breakdown the top coat and make polish removal easier. Then wipe pad upward to neatly and quickly remove polish. Repeat as necessary. Wash hands thoroughly if immediately reapplying polish as the excess hydrating oils from the remover can affect polish adhesion.