All products purchased through P.R.M.I.T Beauty.com are covered by it's 24 hour return guarantee policy. No refunds are offered on any products, unless damaged.

To be eligible for a refund /return your item must have arrived damaged.

We must be notified by email: info@prmitbeauty.com / Subject: Damaged item (order #), with a photo of the damaged item. We must receive the email within 24 hours upon receipt of your package. When opting for a replacement or refund, be aware that your damaged shipped item must be sent back to us, once it has been approved for you to receive a replacement/refund. We will gladly pay for the return shipment charge.


P.R.M.I.T Beauty does not offer international shipping at this time. 


* Import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges and fees are the responsibility of the customer.

We, unfortunately, don't ship the items to APO/FPO/DPO (Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office/Diplomatic Post Office) addresses.

Order is missing something / incorrect/ damaged.

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. If your package arrived missing an item, with incorrect items, or with any damage to the items, email us right away at help@prmitbeauty.com
Note: Please include photos of your packing slip and any damage.

Please kindly be advised that we can proceed with the compensation only if you ask within a two weeks of the delivery date. Since we are not able to track the shipping status, we delete all the shipping data after a month.

If you receive a damaged packaging, we'll ship you a replacement of the exact item or we'll proceed you a refund, after an image of damaged packaging and product is received. Please email us your inquiry with three pictures as mentioned below.

- Picture of outside a box packaging (Please take a picture when you receive the packaging)
- Picture of a box inside
- Picture of packaging materials inside a box (Bubble-wrap)

How do I remove the Gel-S strips?

To remove the Gel-S Strips, please soak the enclosed wood stick repeatedly with a remover and push the stick gently from the edges to the cuticle to minimize your nail damage.

* Remover is NOT included in the package.

How long does Gel-S strips last?

P.R.M.I.T Gel-S Strips can last up to 17 days. Please clean any impurities on your nails using the prep pad included in the box before applying. Then press the Gel-S strips firmly on the surface of your nails from the cuticle line to the nail edge. Finally use the UV gel lamp to cure in order to make it last up to 17 days.

Do I cure Gel-S strips with UV/LED lamp?

Yes, because Gel-S strips are made of the actual gel which is only cured up to 60%. Therefore, it must be cured with UV/LED lamp to complete it.
TIP 1 - It is recommended to cure 1 or 3 times
TIP 2 - It is compatible with any gel lamp (6W or more)

* Please don't let the unused nails to be exposed to the lights of lamp which may cause them to get hardened.

Why can't I find the perfect Gel-S Strip to fit my nail bed?

Since Gel-S strips are contains 30 pieces in 15 different sizes, you can find  the best size which is perfectly attachable to your sized nails. If you can't find your size, pick the closest size that might fit your nail and stretch it slightly to make it fit perfectly.

* Make sure your hand and nail are clean and dry to keep its adhesion longer.

How do I store the remaining unused Gel-S strips?

1. Avoid direct sunlight, and please store the unused strips in the box. Exposure to UV or sunlight may cause the semicured gel to get hardened. 
2. Store the product at room temperature (68°F to 86°F). If stored under low temperatures, the semicured gel may harden. In the case that happens, place the nails in a warm environment to make it soften back.

* Place the hardened semicured gel under body temperature for 10 minutes to soften it again.

Can I use if I am pregnant or use on my child?

Gel-S strips is safe and certified by various safety certification testing. However, we would recommend you to ask the doctor before using it if you are pregnant.

Is P.R.M.I.T beauty products Cruelty/Free & Vegan?

PRMIT products are Cruelty-Free & Vegan - meaning, PRMIT products have not been tested on animals and does not contain any animal products or animal derived ingredients. 

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