The Artistic Creator

"As a girl from the boogie down Bronx, I was addicted to art. From drawing since the age of seven to attending college for Animation, i knew i had an artistic mind. Nails was the game God gave me.

As a licensed nail stylist 'Drasticpassion Nails' for celebrities, i quickly got 1st. hand experience of how badly some known nail products could harm the beauty of your nails, skin, and health. Hence, P.R.M.I.T Beauty was started.

From creating peacock feather nails to painting nails that resemble actually fashion dresses, I love pushing my mind to its creative max. My creativity with P.R.M.I.T beauty products in hand, has led me to be the lead nail stylist to a coveted list of clients including Madilyn Bailey, Jennifer Hyman, Macy's, Cynthia Bailey, Alysia Reiner, Meagan Tandy, Carrie Preston, Violett Beane, Nicholas K., Beau Prince Young, and Paris Hilton.

Since starting P.R.M.I.T Beauty in 2016, i have produced and distributed innovative, eco-friendly nail products for professionals, consumers, and the environment. I also knew that i needed more education about the nail industry. Hence, i became a Certifed Nail Educator.

As a Nail Educator, i had the privilege to experience several diverse women that wanted to change the nail industry. I now assist up-and-coming nail techs. on starting businesses, getting talent representation, and more.

So here i am under God's guidance, bustling & hustling, one finger at a time."


CEO & Founder, Mo'nique Cleckley